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phone number 061290942412

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We publish opinions and comments of users on the phone number +6161290942412. This will tell you who called you from this number and you can avoid taking a call from an unwanted phone number. Below you will find the latest information.

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Phone number 061290942412

Majority opinion: Confusing (5)

Number of reviews: 16 more ▹

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City: - Australia

owner and address
Last visited: 2021-9-24
Calls last month: 106
Opinion last month: 0

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Rating for number 061290942412

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  • 061262972334 :

    Scam! Fake Vodafone

  • 061352321699 :

    I have purchased domain names in the past without any dramas... This time though I have been getting calls every couple of days wanting to my web developer etc. I have also been receiving emails too!Has everyone purchased from Godaddy or elsewhere? I bought with Godaddy... Maybe it is time to stop buying domain names through them!

  • 061732829124 :

    Web design bullsh*t calls

  • 061889457088 :

    This number keeps calling at different times all the time, something has to be done about it. Too annoying

  • 061733534924 :

    Called with no message left.

  • 061355612077 :

    Trying to collect personal data

  • 061733711066 :

    So many people have looked up this number, did not leave voicemail, must be telemarketers.

  • 061262306912 :


  • 061398016488 :

    Murderer and compulsive liarDrug dealer from Canberra

  • 061352322448 :

    Call went to voicemail. They left a message, but it was in another language, so I was unable to understand any of it. I then rang the number, only to get a Optus recorded message to say number has been disconnected. How does this work, that number only rang me 30 seconds earlier and now it's disconnected!

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Possible spellings for the number: 061290942412

  • (+61)06 12 90 94 24 12
  • (+61)061290942412
  • (0061) 061290942412
  • (0061) 06 12 90 94 24 12
  • (+61)061 290 942 412
  • (0061) 061 290 942 412

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