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What is this number?

Unknown number? You do not know who it was? We can help you! Find out which number called you. Use the daily updated lists of spam phone numbers

Who is calling? Who called?

You don't know if you should answer the call? You are tired of receiving calls from telemarketing companies, bank offers or fraudsters all the time?

Unknown phone number: Backwards search

You know that your friends often don't change phones. That's why you are one of the people who looks critically at their cell phone when an unknown number calls you.

In a time when there are so many scammers, caution is advised.

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The large community of the creates hundreds of comments and ratings daily to telephone numbers so that you have access to up-to-date and credible information. 

Random comments

  • 061242832895: Backwards search: Who called me? Don't know anyone from Perth so I never answer but have called me constantly for the past week or so, never leave a message, will sometimes call a couple of times in a row. I ended up just blocking the number. Don't trust it,
  • 061299188775: This number is spamming or making scams. The caller (a male voice is poor in English), but try to convince me he is calling in behalf of Australian business, because I have registered with them - 'Binary Uno' platform. Absolutely nonsense - never register anything like that... Not even using computer regularly, just occasionally...He trying to get my other personal details date of birth, address - If anybody can stop these scammers, please, please..THANK YOU..
  • 061246831835: Received 4 calls in one day on 20/12/ at 12.39pm 4:01pm 6:18pm 7:27pm VERY ANNOYING BECAUSE THEY TRY AND SEEM AS IF ITS AN URGENT IMPORTANT CALL - NEVER ANSWER UNKNOWN NUMBER How do you keep your mobile for important urgent calls, totally insane, government should try making money out of these idiots and fine them!
  • 0748652145: We are now at our new address: Sme Solutions Pty Limited Level 8, Little Collins Street Melbourne VIC
  • 061885568428: Said my Honda is ready to be picked up when I am ready. But I dont Own a Honda. A lady voice
  • 0897547153: Rang my mobilemthen hung up... i called back on a private line and was engaged... was engaged today too... dodgy
  • 061393972579: Constantly call, doesnt leave msg and says disconnected when you try to call them back
  • 061393605300: From ANZ: Urgent Reminder; Australian Law requires collection of a self-certification which includes your tax residency information. Please, immediately return the forms mailed to you by ANZ or alternatively Text CALL ME between 09.00-17.30 AEST (M-F) and ANZ will call you to collect this information Yeah, right!
  • 061397291003: Keeps calling me and leaving voicemails but doesn't speak. Try to call back and is an unattended phone number. Finally answered when they rang and they were asking for money. I told them to stop calling me and it subsided for a week and has begun again.
  • 061754717988: This number keeps ringing me but I won't take the call. They do not leave messages. Have now blocked the number
  • 0448169283: Because they said I had made a inquiry which I had not and the women would not get off the phone so I told her to fxxk off and cut the call
  • 0280362131: Scammers saying that they are from telstra and they need access to your internet. I told them to shove it where the sun don't shine. and hung up
  • 061755806523: She said that I owe money to the ATO but I dont Know why I have already paid in full,
  • 0280074555: Claimed they are from MYERone, with a link to in store offers (which I did not look into$. Seemed spammy.
  • 061294766985: Just hangs up or stays online after multiple calls. Very annoying and of foreign backgroung noise
  • 061390202650: Same as everyone else, James Anderson tax evasion.. So glad I looked up the number first
  • 0422348638: This number is not Robbo's Smash Repairs - it is actually CBA Wodonga Home Lending
  • 0730678910: Indian telemarketing. They know too much so gave bought my details from someone! Does not accept incoming calls.
  • 0455122555: This is the number of Uber apparently. Possibly if a driver calls you. What's creepy is that my driver was weird as and then called me three times AFTER dropping me home after a night out. I know I didn't leave anything in the car, so I wonder why he called me at 1:27am, 1:28am and again at 1:29am.
  • 061294764437: She wanted to meet up at Hungry Jacks for a job interview type thing. It is a scam.
  • 01800941046: Called 3 times in 1 day answered each time with hang up. tried calling back and it dials out. It is now blocked.
  • 061738558500: Some idiot just rang me from this number at almost midnight using foul language. Thought it's a great joke to be getting people out of bed at this hour of the night just for a laugh. I have to work in the morning - but obviously this moron doesn't.
  • 01177625315064: It is Viva Photography in Melbourne. Sometimes they offer vouchers and will call previous clients, or people who entered their 'competition', or referrals. They get contact numbers through legitimate means. It's annoying if they are persistent and you don't want to use the service, but it's not a scam. Genuine business.
  • 061268826011: Similar number keeps calling block then moves to another number 1 digit difference
  • 0435765314: I just received a message on my phone, from a Matthew Clark who said there was a law suit filed against me.
  • 0386115160: Pull over and put up bonnet of car, this number called a land line. Very dodgey scam