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Unknown phone number: Backwards search

You know that your friends often don't change phones. That's why you are one of the people who looks critically at their cell phone when an unknown number calls you.

In a time when there are so many scammers, caution is advised.

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Random comments

  • 061262511007: Backwards search: Who called me? First it was an automated voice stating that i have tried to evade tax and that there would be a warrant issued for my arrest.when I called back, an Indian accent voice (officer brandon) stated that they received complaint from ATO and then the line dropped?Tried to call again but they would not pick up the phone.bunch of time wasters...
  • 0412471355: First attempt from this number, they hung up. Second call gave an automated message asking me to wait and when connected they hung up. Blocked number now
  • 061480046266: This is the number I was given from Australian Utilities Group - it is supposed to be the Manager's! Constantly released when called. Useless!
  • 061290115444: Texted and called trying to get me to sign up to Plus Fitness so I blocked their number
  • 0749276844: They have been ringing for months, always hanging up without leaving a message. I never answer the phone in an effort to avoid them.
  • 061352211371: Call but never leave a message if no one answers as well getting more then 1 call a day from the same number
  • 061885568428: Said my Honda is ready to be picked up when I am ready. But I dont Own a Honda. A lady voice
  • 061351533700: Scammer beware. They say they are from the ATO and that you owe money. They are not from the ATO. I phoned the ATO and reported.
  • 0730879949: Idiot called me try to sell some home business claiming I had put my number in for a call back. Then when I wouldn't tell him my name rudely told me in future not to put my number in and hung up.
  • 061883651157: It is a nuisance and a scam. Caller start addressing the call to me directly in regards to electricity.
  • 0883325827: Yes you are so right this is exactly what they are trying to do. I too did exactly that the stock broker is Opteck location Cyprus.
  • 0756560491: When dialed back the message said that the number is an invalid numberit is a scam and it will keep calling serveral times a day.
  • 0732344196: Selling solar panels. Stated he was calling from Aust but the DNC register did not apply in this instance (He said)
  • 099378418: Unsolicited call. I didn't answer to start with, but rang the number later. The voice message stated that it is 'Smart Health Australia'.
  • 090985776: Have called 6 times hang up before or on answer rang back a message saying they will call back in a yank accent if i answer and some one si there they will get an ear full.
  • 061389461248: First time it rang, I answered and it hung up on me then a day later it rang again and said that they were from A Advisors. It was a man with a strong accent and he was very rude and pushy and demanded answers to questions like are you an Australian citizen..... I hung up...
  • 0865556897: Apparently they are a police station in Melbourne who send messages at unreasonable hours
  • 061394390003: When you return call anytime of the day the recording says you have reached after hours
  • 061283171288: You should have a look at the quality of their certificate! Absolute rubbish and they charge $! They cannot even find you a job. When you target them they say client has finalised a interview and the client never calls! Worse is Survi and Samrat Mehta partners in crime!
  • 061249471158: Lube mobile mechanics for online bookings that verifies the time place you booked you car at
  • 061260510222: Have received several calls over last couple of days, I tried to call them back but no answer.
  • 0861024581: Just rang dinner time, but I do not answer if I do not know the number. Have answer machine. This number just hung up and left no message. Why will they never learn.
  • 061399082800: Same as /45/48 annoyingly high pitched girl,barely understandable, pressure sales, attacking my mobile.
  • 0295620314: Keeps calling at odd hours and its blank when I answer it or they go through to voice mail and just hang up! Very annoying
  • 061755766009: Unsolicited phone call form a Peter at Focus Home Improvements asking if I lived in a particular suburb
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