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What is this number?

Unknown number? You do not know who it was? We can help you! Find out which number called you. Use the daily updated lists of spam phone numbers

Who is calling? Who called?

You don't know if you should answer the call? You are tired of receiving calls from telemarketing companies, bank offers or fraudsters all the time?

Unknown phone number: Backwards search

You know that your friends often don't change phones. That's why you are one of the people who looks critically at their cell phone when an unknown number calls you.

In a time when there are so many scammers, caution is advised.

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The large community of the creates hundreds of comments and ratings daily to telephone numbers so that you have access to up-to-date and credible information. 

Random comments

  • 0395928710: Backwards search: Who called me? Caller hangs up every time I answer the phone. I called the number back & it's constantly busy.
  • 048886264: Definitely a SCAM! Claim my Internet connection has a problem. Told me some bullshit about how errors when I put my email address mean something. Told me to install Teamviewer, etc. They were trying to hijack my computer. Since I work in I.T. I immediately know that they are fraudsters.DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM!
  • 0281997690: Be careful if you want to use this place. Pushy, and working outside of the DFT guidelines. Check your contracts!
  • 0427046424: Same type of scam as the report by anonymous on 28 October , but this time for a publication called Neighbourhood Support.
  • 061299071677: A female caller was very pushy asking about energy consumption information and it was very unpleasant
  • 0488828175: It may very well be camp Australia, whom we use for OSHC, but as soon as I answer they hang up. I get a phone call at least once a week. bugger off!
  • 0288233033: Asked if I had been in any accidents in the past year then hung up when I said no.
  • 061243932211: I dont have a tax agent and when i said sohereplyed oh well lets contineWhat i didnt like he knew my fist name.....just hung up....
  • 0343094022: Called looking for John, and was able to say a street I lived on about 15 years ago. Super creepy now I think about it, how is my mobile number possibly linked to such an old address, when I try and google it nothing comes up! :(
  • 061297595436: We subsequently did some research online and located additional information such as what suburb he resides, it was public information so we just kept it as a precaution. Should anyone receive a call from this person, do not provide any personal information. We now believe he may be using personal information for untoward purposes. Our caller id system recorded his number as being: which we have established is an Optus number linked to the same name he provided our switch board (Rob or a Robert Radviani). After further discussions with our staff we were also able to establish that he had called several prior times and spoken to other staff rostered on previous weeks and pin pointed these dates and went back to our server and found he had called 4 other times from 4 different numbers; 02 , 02 , 02 , 02 . On every occasion he was abrupt, disrespectful, and unclear as to what he was calling about. More of an FYI please note these details as required. Thankyou Jason.
  • 061355605498: Asking if I've had an accident in the last 12 months. Surprised the caller was an english girl. I said nice try your the third scammer calling about an accident in the last 12 months. She asked how do you know and what makes me think its a scam, I said you are the third caller this week and hung up.
  • 061243534335: Because they have called for the past 2 Wednesday nights at 1am in the morning when called back the next day they hang up
  • 061897214438: Very suspect call - Why would Neighbourhood Watch call a business number in a remote area ?
  • 0882282999: How rude not to leave a message. They obviously are not really that interested in your purchase of a new car.
  • 061382021731: Had a missed call from this number - no-one calls home phone unless in-laws so it will be some scammer
  • 061893042500: Do not buy anything from this lady, claims her name is Louisa Williams she sells things asks for a deposit and than blocks you
  • 061895612055: Asking for donations, and claiming calling on behalf of Police. Told them to send me email with all their details said ok. Didn't ask for email address though. Scam avoid
  • 061293876851: There was a pause as though it was an international call then the caller (male, overseas?) said he was ringing with information on solar panels. Wasn't interested, I'll take another recipient's approach and block further calls from this number
  • 061249644501: This person keeps calling me, sounds like an old lady, keeps asking to see her grandson or something bizarre like that. her partner has called me aswel. I have no idea who this person is and they hang up before i have a chance to tell them they have the wrong number
  • 061283174303: I asked them to stop but they keep calling again. Should I report this number to the police?
  • 0402899850: Losers.i do not pick up.i do not call back.they are soft roosters.i win because there wasting there time and I am laughing at them right now.
  • 0427622805: I received a missed called on my mobile phone from I don't know who they are. If its important or life threatening I would generally know who they were. I tend to think its an generated Voip Telephone line and that they think they cant be traced. As a rule if there not in my address book I never call them back. I do google the number though just to be sure. My suggestion is...
  • 0386797555: Called me 10-12 times during the course of a day - called back and was Smart Health Australia
  • 01300540022: I have seen reports about this number previously. They keep ringing and harassing me.
  • 0385829001: This is a rapist who lives in endeavor hills. 76 Charles Green Ave, Endeavour Hills VIC
  • 061408918048: They called me and said they regularly send emails to my gmail account but I have never heard of them. Mentioned cruises and holidays, I said no thank you. She was polite.