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What is this number?

Unknown number? You do not know who it was? We can help you! Find out which number called you. Use the daily updated lists of spam phone numbers

Who is calling? Who called?

You don't know if you should answer the call? You are tired of receiving calls from telemarketing companies, bank offers or fraudsters all the time?

Unknown phone number: Backwards search

You know that your friends often don't change phones. That's why you are one of the people who looks critically at their cell phone when an unknown number calls you.

In a time when there are so many scammers, caution is advised.

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Random comments

  • 0450738511: Backwards search: Who called me? Malicious Caller ID spoofing scam call. Voice message left by apparent accident; revealing an Indian call centre in background. Return call to number does not connect.
  • 0289990922: Rang several times but would not leave a message - no answer when the call was returned
  • 096943519: I returned a phone call to this number and it was for a school in Blakeview South Australia.
  • 0755606060: Would you buy a mortgage from someone who cold calls you on a weekend, actually threatens to post your phone number to other telemarketers if you dare to hang up, and begins stalking you on social media (through searching the phone number they're calling) to threaten your family, friends and colleagues? This might well be the worst telemarketer I've ever come across.
  • 061352211371: Call but never leave a message if no one answers as well getting more then 1 call a day from the same number
  • 061882282999: Called to say I won $2, worth of travel that I can spend on hotels flights etc however I need to pay a fee of $49 to receive this, they said I had done surverys however I never done any surveys, they had my email address so I told them to email through everything they had just told me, and they refused to, they asked how I will be paying the $49 and were pushing to get that from me, this is...
  • 061350234466: I'll be honest i browse alot of different.... sites on my phone how exactly they got my numberi dont knowBut never have i ever subscribed to games unlimited, furthermore they sent a second text (when i didnt reapond) using the telstra logo... they seem to be claiming to be a branch or connected to telstra but i doubt thatSo technically whoever thi s is is breaki ng laws o n the grounds of scams and copyright
  • 061394089955: The caller claimed to be from Australian Utilities Group ....(their address is listed as Suite , Peace Tower, Peace Avenue, Ulaanbaatar, MONGOLIA). Wanted to change all my globes to led lighting. Yeah right.
  • 0451744088: Phoned my mobile. I did not answer but they did not leave a message, so I suspect a telemarketer.
  • 061262519555: Keeps calling my mobile and leaving message in Chinese that lasts for 3 minutes or more
  • 01300736306: I missed the call and tried to call them back but no one ever answered. No voice message was left either.
  • 0422011086: Keep receiving calls from this number. When I answer, they hang up. It happens several times a day
  • 061297256841: Asked me if my name was Daniel I said no then asked me to complete a survey and pay for it.
  • 061394328509: This person is a scammer! Sells fake tickets to events! Do NOT deal with this person
  • 0737031302: Daniel Falzon. Scammer. Gumtree scam. He replied a wanted ad on Gumtree and offered to sell an item he probably didn't have. Wanted cardless cash. Took $ from a 15 year old kid. He did give $50 back and promised to return the rest when pushed by some Facebook contacts. Still waiting for the rest.
  • 061297595436: We subsequently did some research online and located additional information such as what suburb he resides, it was public information so we just kept it as a precaution. Should anyone receive a call from this person, do not provide any personal information. We now believe he may be using personal information for untoward purposes. Our caller id system recorded his number as being: which we have established is an Optus number linked to the same name he provided our switch board (Rob or a Robert Radviani). After further discussions with our staff we were also able to establish that he had called several prior times and spoken to other staff rostered on previous weeks and pin pointed these dates and went back to our server and found he had called 4 other times from 4 different numbers; 02 , 02 , 02 , 02 . On every occasion he was abrupt, disrespectful, and unclear as to what he was calling about. More of an FYI please note these details as required. Thankyou Jason.
  • 0447589774: Asking for personal information randomly and inappropriately means this is a scam
  • 098741555: Unsolicited call. Voice recording says that you missed a call from a charity you may have supported in the past. Sounds dodgy if they can’t even tell you the name of a charity
  • 061897913488: Got told that I had dribble on my mouth and I left the milk out of the fridge. I did leave the milk out of the fridge, but it was empty, therefore it wasn't milk but a container. How did they know about my container but then accuse it of being milk? These people have caused me great distress because I thought I actually left the milk out. Like I said before though, it was a container, empty of milk.
  • 061399989645: Has called twice today hangs up in your ear 10 seconds of silence and then hangs up Rings constantly hangs up in your ear 10 seconds of silence and then hangs up Rings constantly and never more than about 8… 21%(23) Phone:
  • 0388401759: Got a call from a blocked number with a message saying to ring this number...they are adapting
  • 0390385700: Beware of this telecommunications thief he is Obtaining Benefits by Deceptions stealing your private informations on Internet and phone. This thief must be locked up in jail for the rest of his life.
  • 090465200: Called me at a ridiculous time of 4:42am and kept calling me. Why the hell would I answer a call at that time of morning from Ola when I was in bed asleep NOT in an Ola car.
  • 061267221700: Spam calls messages - no matter how many times I tell them to stop, they just ignore me. Blocked this mobile number, so now I'm on some automated system that messages me from 'PropertySMS' - no number so I can't block it.
  • 061354762378: Illegal, spoofed number - Scam callers, we automatically divert them to Its Lenny (Google it) and let them try to scam him. The caller chatted to Lenny for over 10 minutes - scam the scammer!
  • 0407964138: Just another number they call you from when you block the other telemarketing numbers - or -