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What is this number?

Unknown number? You do not know who it was? We can help you! Find out which number called you. Use the daily updated lists of spam phone numbers

Who is calling? Who called?

You don't know if you should answer the call? You are tired of receiving calls from telemarketing companies, bank offers or fraudsters all the time?

Unknown phone number: Backwards search

You know that your friends often don't change phones. That's why you are one of the people who looks critically at their cell phone when an unknown number calls you.

In a time when there are so many scammers, caution is advised.

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Random comments

  • 061754594100: Backwards search: Who called me? Automated voice stating its NAB. States your full name asking you to verify. I do not have any accounts with NAB. THIS IS A SCAM!
  • 061417549138: I was to contact this no. as I hadn't answered letters or application form. Was given a reference no. Original call came from via recorded message. Contacted both Centrelink ACCC to report scam
  • 061749276844: Somebody saying that he represented the police football association! lol Victoria Police has already announced that they do not engage in such activity asking people to give money for support.
  • 061893393400: I agree. I keep receiving calls from this number and after I have said hello a female voice says good-bye and hangs up. I then try to return the call, but it doesn't ring. I think it's a fraud and potentially being initiated overseas and routed through a server in Sydney so we think the call is from Australia, but I doubt that very much. Can someone in the government shut down this number?
  • 061293044390: Dr Mark Arya Is a great Doctor, Really cares about his patients, And makes sure he does everything to get his patients well again. I recommend seeing him.
  • 061386443003: Sarah Bauer trying to find one of my relatives - using a very convoluted and illogical chain of fb friends. When pressed was unable to give any details about why she wanted to contact said relative - issue of extreme sensitivity yada yada yada. Any legitimate business would have been happy to provide plausible details whilst still maintaining confidentiality.
  • 061888621006: They said calling from Federal government and it s about Home owner tax incentive.Asked if I own a home and have a mortgage
  • 0390396591: Burton & Ryan Property Agents - - looking to see if I'm interested in selling my house...
  • 061395533540: The phone rings, I answer, no response except a hangup. So frustrating. Probably scammers. Just block the number.
  • 0282611821: Interesting that people are saying WIlliam Hill.They rebranded to Easybet and i got a text from Easybet the other day saying i received some free money. My guess is they sold our data...NICE!
  • 061397376200: When politely asking the caller not to call me again (as I was actually waiting for another phone call regarding price and availability of a part), and to please remove my number from their call list, the caller just kept talking over the top of me.
  • 0280251500: When you Phone this number back ‘It’s Just a recorded message saying “ your call is very important to us , so please stay on the line and you will be transferred to the next available client service officer “ but no one ever fricken answers!
  • 0863331071: This number is Optus technical support - if you miss a call from them you will likely then get an SMS followup requesting a call back time.
  • 061397404443: Same as above call themselves smartfone or smartphone unable to be sure if reliable phone service provider!
  • 0384006036: Digital message from unidentified tax office. Language used sounds American so probably an overseas scam
  • 0412345678: I got call from this number and no one talked. Immediately after few minutes I got call from and same pattern. Who is calling from this number?
  • 061490127230: She is rude, said a name that was not me and just hang up.and when ive tried to call her again called cancelled all the time.
  • 0436192843: The calls from these guys are getting ridiculous. Ive asked to have our number taken off their list amd they just hang up.
  • 0455122555: This is the number of Uber apparently. Possibly if a driver calls you. What's creepy is that my driver was weird as and then called me three times AFTER dropping me home after a night out. I know I didn't leave anything in the car, so I wonder why he called me at 1:27am, 1:28am and again at 1:29am.
  • 061262511007: First it was an automated voice stating that i have tried to evade tax and that there would be a warrant issued for my arrest.when I called back, an Indian accent voice (officer brandon) stated that they received complaint from ATO and then the line dropped?Tried to call again but they would not pick up the phone.bunch of time wasters...
  • 0363435914: Got a call from , but no body spoke.Call disconnected after few seconds.It happened multiple times.
  • 0491051792: Calling a few times, call back, and couldn't connect due to bar bar difficulties to connect.......
  • 061391112387: Computer generated male voice claimed from ATO about case open under my name regarding tax return claim. Likely a scam as ATO will not ring you for this.
  • 061289135138: Answered call and straight away a an Indian Male starts ranting who knows what about something, he spoke so fast, I don't even he would be able to understand himself if he listened and after 3 times of saying I am not interested ... I hung up with him still talking... non stop or it is a great recording!
  • 061892712477: I had 2 calls from another phone number which is a scam, thank goodness my phone service isn't too good here so it cut out before i answered. This new number called today at 11.55am
  • 0737001288: Still happening - I get a call almost every day. Can we block these calls? I asked for his phone number to ring him back - call ended!