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What is this number?

Unknown number? You do not know who it was? We can help you! Find out which number called you. Use the daily updated lists of spam phone numbers

Who is calling? Who called?

You don't know if you should answer the call? You are tired of receiving calls from telemarketing companies, bank offers or fraudsters all the time?

Unknown phone number: Backwards search

You know that your friends often don't change phones. That's why you are one of the people who looks critically at their cell phone when an unknown number calls you.

In a time when there are so many scammers, caution is advised.

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The large community of the creates hundreds of comments and ratings daily to telephone numbers so that you have access to up-to-date and credible information. 

Random comments

  • 061282189999: Backwards search: Who called me? I canceled my Foxtel a few weeks ago and the. Like was quite rude to me so when I got an email to take their survey I told them exactly what I thought of how I was treated. A couple of weeks later I had a voicemail from this number and the person just grunted on the message.
  • 061897913488: Got told that I had dribble on my mouth and I left the milk out of the fridge. I did leave the milk out of the fridge, but it was empty, therefore it wasn't milk but a container. How did they know about my container but then accuse it of being milk? These people have caused me great distress because I thought I actually left the milk out. Like I said before though, it was a container, empty of milk.
  • 0283174303: They never stop... It makes VIP status a joke. Cancelling VIP account does not stop them calling. Asking the operator to put your number on the do not call again status does not stop the calls...
  • 033825935047: Heavy Indian accent. Claim to be from ABS. Extremely rude. Refused to answer my questions about why they were calling me and accused me of not speaking in English. Advised I would be lodging a complaint for harassment before terminating the call. They rang back twice claiming the line cut out. I advised I terminated the call before they continued to harass me and claimed I should speak English.
  • 0283075487: This number called me and did not leave a message and then when I call back they acted like they hadnt called at all
  • 061353395626: They call and ask you about your card details and personal info, this happens when you pay for something online
  • 061755590009: I had a phone call from the police and i am not sure from the name of the person who call me .
  • 061386837106: Harrassment call probably from a Politician or their office, have got quite a few calls and it is annoying
  • 061357222022: Said he was from Google, foreign accent, obviously a scam. Sent me an email after I hung up on him telling me to close my business. Why don'tt these scammers go get a job and a life, dirty little *****
  • 061738222122: There has to be a way of stopping this organization from calling the same people several times a day. Its wrong. The phone operators name is Megan, polite but very thick or stupid... I have been putting up with these type of calls whether its finance, electricity, solar, etc. for a number of years now but from different organizations. Unlike this this its 3~4 times a day, everyday now to my home ph. number only. Somebody please do something, its a joke
  • 0863777475: They call me constantly and daily.. I wish it would stop. When I call then back, there are call restrictions
  • 061892212772: Sent unsolicited SMS messages offering finance. My phone is on the Do Not Call Register. They obviously don't care and call anyway. After telling them in no uncertain terms to F Off, they sent more pestering messages. Now I'm going to terminate them for their very unprofessional harassment.
  • 092087841: Had a call from this mob ,about MS windows,call lasted 3 seconds ,told them to f$@ off
  • 061733568899: SCAM: Purportedly Australian Tax Office.It was my FINAL WARNING. I stopped the call. Male voice. SCAM.
  • 0416273677: If you received a call from this was the Social Research Centre calling to invite you to participate in a study we are currently conducting on behalf of one of our clients. The call is for social research purposes and is not a telemarketing or sales call.
  • 0390916054: Bugger they got my number again. Don't answer it's only a waste of time. Block the number straight away.
  • 061297274777: Prank call app or some rubbish , using multiple numbers from different states , s as me as above have had the wifi one also now I just don’t answer
  • 0393638022: Annoyed by this call, not leaving any message; also got calls from 2 other cell no and
  • 0422713: No. appears on my mobile, but no voice, recorded music for several minutes when i return call or ring it.
  • 0730462871: Strange man calls from this number, asking odd questions to waste people's time on purpose. Do not trust. Do not answer.
  • 061756659894: Australian based overseas and got this number waking me up very early in the morning......not happy !
  • 0403209662: The number rings 3 or 4 times a day and when it is answered, there is no one at the other end and the call is cancelled. Can the number be traced and legal action taken?
  • 0755818375: Keeps ringing me on my mobile and when I answered there was a delay but can hear noise in background so I hang up, this happens at least 3 times a day getting so annoyed..
  • 061395308858: Wyndham - asked to stop calling but they've changed their number and started calling again.
  • 061399085540: This is the TAX FRAUD SCAM (recently reported on ABC news). It is a recorded message which threatens you with visitations from ATO heavies and prosecution for tax fraud and then tells you to phone a number. It's very nasty and unpleasant.