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What is this number?

Unknown number? You do not know who it was? We can help you! Find out which number called you. Use the daily updated lists of spam phone numbers

Who is calling? Who called?

You don't know if you should answer the call? You are tired of receiving calls from telemarketing companies, bank offers or fraudsters all the time?

Unknown phone number: Backwards search

You know that your friends often don't change phones. That's why you are one of the people who looks critically at their cell phone when an unknown number calls you.

In a time when there are so many scammers, caution is advised.

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The large community of the creates hundreds of comments and ratings daily to telephone numbers so that you have access to up-to-date and credible information. 

Random comments

  • 061356259300: Backwards search: Who called me? Phone call was from injury support group. Nobody answers when you ring them back; youre basically transferred to an automated voice message which tells you youre legible for compensation due to recent injury and prompts you to leave your details behind so a rep can call you back in regards to entitlements
  • 061755027271: Some Google partner - sure like Google need partners, heh;) no worth to listen just tell him to fOff
  • 045250211: Received my pack of 12 vouchers yesterday morning with Gold membership card in $ which will be valid for next three years, as mentioned to me over the phone.
  • 061394086211: Accident - have no car - told then I might have been a passenger - hung up on them
  • 0491051792: Calling a few times, call back, and couldn't connect due to bar bar difficulties to connect.......
  • 061893094666: COLLETTE is a persistent scam artist. She had the audacity to come all the way to my house 4 times, we just met and I managed to surpass all her bullshit. Claims she was from the R&S collection house and asked me to pay 3k else she has the right to take my vehicle.
  • 0488862072: ATO Scam web site mentions James Anderson and the threats regarding the issuance of arrest warrants
  • 0266973011: They keep calling also from numbers; , , , and . I've texted them to send me their name to make sure I know them or not but no reply.
  • 061864725189: Received spam text message: Keystar Demonstrator Clearance Sale. Save up to $14, minimum $ trade-in. 2 days only. Fri Sat. More info link. Never signed up, not looking for cars, unsolicited.
  • 0421911524580: Scammer for sure probably trying to sell gym memberships. dosnt sound like he even lifts.
  • 061738558500: Some idiot just rang me from this number at almost midnight using foul language. Thought it's a great joke to be getting people out of bed at this hour of the night just for a laugh. I have to work in the morning - but obviously this moron doesn't.
  • 093528103: Got a random call from this number. Once I picked up I heard a beep and got hung up on. Probably a spam number, put on my block list. I'm from Melbourne - Australia
  • 0456576500: Could be a scam, why? when you ring back and the line rings out, when you finally get through and they won't tell you where they are from, when you ask how they got your phone number and they totally change the subject, and all you can hear in the background is lots of other people talking and have to ask them to repeat themselves, sounds to me like a scam, or definitely a telemarketing caller
  • 0432005093: Don't answer! iSelect calling you everyday to discuss their options - I just wanted to enquire not be bombarded with calls and then when I did answer, the guy was so rude and condescending!
  • 0756295973: Rang me, I don't recognise the number so I hung up. Rang me again within seconds, I hung up again.
  • 061243991570: Missed call, voicemail message left in Chinese (sounded automated). Unsure if scam.
  • 061754712222: Voice recorder threatened that internet would be disconnected tomorrow unless I joined NBN
  • 0395928710: Caller hangs up every time I answer the phone. I called the number back & it's constantly busy.
  • 061754793488: Have missed a few calls from this number and the caller leaves no message. Called it back today and an answering machine - in a contrived US accident - apologises for not taking the call and wishes us a good day. Clearly a business/telemarketing. BLOCKED!
  • 01300362194: Career One Education - Used their website once, now they call me any time i use any website connected to their brand, First call was a Survey - over a year ago. Even after i got a Job, they continue to call and harass me about getting a different job or more training. Bugger Off! I HAVE A JOB. I tell them not to call me any more, they continue to call me. I have even deleted my entire Career...
  • 0882158500: Two missed calls, today the first at 12:40 PM, and then again at 4:56PM. Didn't leave a message, added their number to my reject list. Already in use. How did they get through? Phone didn't ring either time so not calling the back for what I've been reading about this number. They also didn't leave any messages.
  • 0295062010: Told me that i had a parcel waiting for me at the post office and i just hung up on them
  • 061883477886: This man Derrick Sheldon scares me he should be back in James Nash House his ex wife is adledgedly frightened with this nut case Centrelink should monitor him as well he is abusing tax payers money
  • 061353412210: I keep getting calls from this number and it suddenly disconnects once you pick up .
  • 061738811090: Same as everyone else, received the automated call on my Private Home number which is a little disturbing