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Rules for commenting on the website

We have clear and transparent rules for commenting on our website. The regulations define what you can and cannot write in your comments. The exact and binding rules can be found in our terms and conditions which we refer to as the binding document. Here, however, we would like to describe in a more descriptive way what should be included in comments and what cannot be published on the website under any circumstances.

What can be published in the comments?

Let us remember what the primary purpose of the website is. Its main goal is to help users identify unknown numbers and help them decide whether it is safe to answer such unknown numbers and whether we want to talk to them. With this in mind, it is easy to conclude what can be published in the comments. In the first place, you can post the name of the company that is calling from an unknown number. Such information will be for other users of the service's necessary information to decide whether to answer the unknown number.

Another thing that can and should be published is the purpose of the conversation. If we know the purpose of the call from a given company, let us write about it to other users. Are they calling to collect payment arrears, or are they calling us with a new business offer? Or maybe they want to sell us some of their products or services or invite us to a show? Let us describe all this in the comments. The user, knowing the purpose of a telephone conversation with a stranger's number, can make a conscious decision if he wants to have such a discussion.

Then we can provide information on how the conversation looked like. Was the caller friendly? Or was he pushy and rude? For this purpose, we can also use the number's ratings according to a scale from positive to negative. Such information is also beneficial for users in assessing whether they want to talk to the person. Let's also write any other things that we think might help a service user make an informed decision.

What not to post in comments

We have written many times about what not to publish in the service. The most important thing is the complete ban on publishing personal data. This data is particularly protected in the European Union. Everyone must participate in protecting this data, including anonymous internet users. Therefore, we take special care not to publish any or anyone's personal data, as such publication may expose you to liability under current data protection legislation and the GDPR.

Also, please do not use any vulgarities in your comments. We are very keen to keep the level of discussion in the comments at the highest level. Nowadays, there is too much hatred, vulgarity and insult in the internet space. That is why we want our service to be a safe haven, where you will not find content, words and phrases commonly regarded as offensive or vulgar in the comments. Comments containing vulgarities are automatically deleted, but we still ask you to keep the level of discussion appropriate

Do not insult any minority groups; do not offend anyone because of their gender, sexual orientation, background, or skin colour. We put a firm emphasis on this. We want the discussion to take place on a level representing the highest standards. Therefore, it is unacceptable to insult anyone for personal or personal reasons such as those indicated above.