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phone number 099026005

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We publish opinions and comments of users on the phone number +6199026005. This will tell you who called you from this number and you can avoid taking a call from an unwanted phone number. Below you will find the latest information.

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Phone number 099026005

Majority opinion: It's ok (4)

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City: - Australia

owner and address
Last visited: 2021-8-03
Calls last month: 58
Opinion last month: 0

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  • Jake+Morton reported the number 099026005 as Negative

    It was Robert Half Recruitment, but no message was left. Very frustrating as the receptionist has no idea who called me

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Rating for number 099026005

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Your rating to the phone number

  • 0390024640 :

    Helped and assisted me with work, grateful

  • 061390689938 :

    Rockingham cycle city genuine business

  • 0399993209 :

    A Chinese recorded voice, so I just hung up. I don't understand Chinese and there's no legitimate reason for it to randomly phone me, so I'm marking it as unsafe.

  • 0488862259 :

    Hung up when i asked who it was

  • 061412471355 :

    Called today at 12.50pm. Left a voicemail saying 'Hi (my name)' then hung up. Called again at 1.30pm and left a messsge saying he works for Woolies wants to EXCLUSIVELY promote my business for the next 12 months. I'm not interested and blocked calls from this number

  • 0385479574 :

    Has no number to call back and is not listed as a registered business !

  • 01300224131 :

    Is not Pancake Perfection's phone number. The caller was male with an Indian accent regarding the Federal Government's rebate scheme for solar or something like that. He tried his best but in the end I cut him off. He said he was just doing his job. A poorly paid call centre operator. Poor guy...

  • 0387401999 :

    Constantly call, never leave a message. Always engaged when you ring them back.

  • 061417151239 :

    The number is not the correct Australian format.They do not leave a message.They call several times a day.

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Possible spellings for the number: 099026005

  • (+61)099 026 005
  • (+61)099026005
  • (0061) 099 026 005
  • (0061) 099026005
  • (0061) 09 90 26 00 5
  • (+61)09 90 26 00 5

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