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phone number 061734136666

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Phone number 061734136666

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City: - Australia

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Last visited: 2023-3-27
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  • Galen reported the number 061734136666 as Unknown

    Got a recorded message saying that it was the ATO and that if I didn't call back I could be sent to court. Once I rang to check it out a gentleman with an Indian accent said that there was a legal warrant for my arrest due to tax evasion. Proceeded to give me a case number, his ATO employee number and the legal arrest warrant ID number. Said his name was Mark Davies and that I owed $. I had 2 options, I could either go through the court system or if i paid within 45 minutes that it would go away. The penalty was was 95, or 10 years jail. That's when I said I found it very hard to believe that the phone call was legit and he hung up on me.

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Possible spellings for the number: 061734136666

  • (+61)061 734 136 666
  • (+61)06 17 34 13 66 66
  • (0061) 06 17 34 13 66 66
  • (0061) 061734136666
  • (+61)061734136666
  • (0061) 061 734 136 666

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