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phone number 0436192843

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Phone number 0436192843

Majority opinion: Confusing (4)

Number of reviews: 9 more ▹

Number of comments: 1 more ▹

City: - Australia

owner and address
Last visited: 2021-12-04
Calls last month: 107
Opinion last month: 0

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  • Cremolada reported the number 0436192843 as Confusing

    The calls from these guys are getting ridiculous. Ive asked to have our number taken off their list amd they just hang up.

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Rating for number 0436192843

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Your rating to the phone number

  • 061889839000 :

    Purports to be a message service with messages to deliver. Calls repeatedly.

  • 061262417660 :

    Have you commenced new employment, Please call ...

  • 061395977300 :

    I hate this nber

  • 061262429844 :

    Received sales pitch from Kevin Blood involving promotion of my details to Google Page 1 on fee for service basis. My role is as a broker surrounding suburbs subject to an annual fee of $2,. Indicated that I would only consider if the proposition was sent to me as an Email. Kevin said that he would send to me in writing but did not take my Email address!When I checked with a Barry Plant agent who had signed up he indicated that to the best of his knowledge he is still waiting for his first referral. At no stage was the business' details disclosed and clearly there were others in the background fulfilling a similar role.

  • 061396505454 :

    Try to get you to invest all your money in bitcoin. Scammers. Have lots of different numbers so they keep getting through to you. Wont give up at all even if you abuse them. From FTO Capital.

  • 061394992818 :

    Vintage Cellars selling wine over the phone

  • 061738662200 :

    They are criminal money frauds that’s after people’s money and kill them for their money.

  • 061396509783 :

    I have not had an accident, but the automated caller ...whatever seems to think so...What criminal service is out there to nail these pieces of ***** you have to ask...probably none...enjoy your day and assign a dodgy ringtone to go with the number...so you know who it is next time the ring...and they probably will because no one will ever chase and hunt them down.

  • 061754777882 :

    Have been calling them back with several different phones for a bit of payback- they are swearing at me now- indian-pakinistani accent- after one call claimed they were from a terrorist organisation and stated they were dropping a bomb off at my door step in 30 minutes.

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Possible spellings for the number: 0436192843

  • (0061) 04 36 19 28 43
  • (+61)0436192843
  • (0061) 0436192843
  • (+61)04 36 19 28 43
  • (0061) 043 619 284 3
  • (+61)043 619 284 3

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